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Hey All,

I've got an issue with a HP OfficeJet (inkjet) 470 printer whereby it's font for Generic / Text only printing is different to the font used by the HP LaserJet printers. There are some particular reports that are fed as "raw" to the printer and they print perfect on any of the LaserJets but the OfficeJet prints the font larger and as such the reports go off the page and don't look the way they should.

Anyone got any ideas on how to change or override the font on the Officejet to match that of the Laserjets?

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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say the reports are fed "raw" to the printer, are you actually using the Generic / Text Only driver? In that case, why not use the correct driver?

The Generic / Text Only driver knows almost nothing about fonts. It just uses the printer's default font. And so does DOS. You can tell the Generic / Text Only driver how to select fonts (click on the Fonts tab in printer Properties), but you need to know what font you want, and what esc sequence the printer requires to select it.

If you are printing from DOS, the DOS application would need to send the font selection command as part of the print job.
LOFTUSITAuthor Commented:
By "raw" i mean that the application that does the print (by the looks of it) doesn't include any formatting, it just goes "print 5 spaces, print |, print CUSTOMER, print 10 spaces, print |, print carriage return". So it doesn't matter whether I use the Generic Text driver or the proper driver I still get the same (ok on laserjet, dodgy on inkjet) print out. I suppose it really is the "Font Selection" tab in Printer Properties that needs to be modified but I'm not sure what or what type of values those boxes accept.|
hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, it sounds as if you are printing from a DOS application, sending the job direct to the printer without going through the driver. Hence, changing things in a Windows driver won't make any difference.

I am not familiar with the OficeJet 470, and have been unable to find out what esc sequences it uses. And anyway, unless the application lets you set those parameters, you're out of luck there too.

One thing comes to mind. If you do have a Windows driver for that printer, you can use DOSPRN (download it from ). DOSPRN is designed to take output from DOS programs and print them through the Windows driver, and you can change the print job's fonts.
LOFTUSITAuthor Commented:
Cannot find the originator of this question, so no accurate feedback can be given!
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