Wich is the best way to make a "failover" for disponibility web servers

I need a High availability web servers solution, and actually I have two ISP with its respective Public IP's, but i don't know what can I do in case of one of my ISp falls down, how to do that my costumers don't go to feel that.

Some information:

- I'm talking about web servers.
- UltraDNS services are too expensive.
- I have all me pages hosted by me, and I'm using 1 of my ISP addres, as main (I'm talking about public Ip's).
- I'm using NLB and ISA 2006.
- The first ISP has .com pages the second ISP .net pages.
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Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
the quick and easy way to do this is the use DNS SRV records with different priority values. You don't necessarily NEED to use UltraDNS just some DNS provider that lets you have multiple SRV records for your website.

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRV_record#High_Availability_with_SRV for background info.

Some other ways involve things like load balanceers on your WAN connection, clustters instead of a single server, etc. but if the pages are hosted off site by a hosting provider and not by you, those may not be an option. I would just handle it through DNS

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hlapradeAuthor Commented:
OK... That is very helpful, thks. some info:

I'm the network admin and yes, i'm hosting all my pages, And of course I have a DNS server that controls all my domains, DNS SRV seems to be the solution, but what about Wan NLB, I thought it only works on Local Networks. I'm wondering!!!!!
hlapradeAuthor Commented:
I already tried the srv record, but it does´t work.... I think SRV is not for web services.

$ttl 86400
example.com.      IN      SOA      ns01.localdns.com. it.mailserver.com. (
                  86400 )
example.com.      IN      NS      ns01.localdns.com.
example.com.      IN      NS      ns2.ispdns.com.
example.com.      IN      NS      ns3.ispdns.com.

mail.example.com.      IN      MX      10 mail.mailserver.com

_http._tcp.example.com IN      SRV      1 1 80 www.example.com
_http._tcp.example.com IN      SRV      2 2 80 www.anotherdomain.com

www.example.com.      IN      A      xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
example.com.      IN      A      xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
backup.example.com.      IN      A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
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