McAfee Anti-Virus EPO Server


I have 190 computers in my organisation. I discovered that current EPO agent on my client computers not connecting to my EPO server.
I have been manually uninstall and install the EPO agent on the client computers one by one.

frminstal /forceinstall , after that run framepkg.exe

Is taking too much time and I still have 30 computers to complete.
Is there a faster way that I could uninstall & install EPO agent  ?  

Windows Server 2000
McAfee EPO ver 3.6.1
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I'm not too familiar with EPO myself, but can't you just send agent install and select force install over existing version.
Could try PSEXEC from the PSTOOLS suite. create a batch file with the frminstal /forceinstall and to then run the framepkg from a shared location and then call the batch file via psexec

psexec \\clientname -c epo.bat

epo.bat will have something like

"c:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\frminst.exe" /forceuninstall
sleep 240
x:\shared\framepkg.exe /install=agent /silent
ktancl88Author Commented:
Hi Antony,

I create a bat file. But I encounter error when I call the batch file via psexec.
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ktancl88Author Commented:
Hi Antony,

I created the bat file.
But I encounter error when I call the batch file via psexec.
You need to put in the patch to the batch file eg if it is on the root of C: of the machine you are running psexec from then you would type

psexec \\clientname -c c:\epo.bat

btw I have no idea if the batch coding is correct above, my coding skills are nil but it is there to give you a clue as to what you might need.
"You need to put in the patch to the batch file " should read "you need to put in the path to the batch file"

Sorry , just noticed the attachment.

Depending on your version it might be C:\program files\mcafee\Common etc

Basically do a search for the file and copy the path to it into the batch file.

ktancl88Author Commented:
Hi  Antony,

After reinstall the agent, is there a way that could active the auto update? can it be incorporate into the batch ?  

ktancl88Author Commented:
Hi Antony,

Sorry, After reinstall the agent, is there a way that could activate the auto update? can this be on the same batch file, epo.bat ?  
you could run "cmdagent.exe /p" from the install folder C:\program files\mcafee\common framework.
That will cause the ePO agent to check into the ePO console immediately rather than waiting for 10 minutes. On the ePO server you would then have to set up a policy that says to Run Autoupdate  "Immediately".
That should then cause McAfee to update DATs etc as soon as the agent logs into the ePO server.

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ktancl88Author Commented:
Hi, it works. Great!
I am thinking of putting the EPO.bat on the server, so that when my user login, it activate the installation. May I use the same EPO.bat ?
No reason why not as far as I can see. Glad you have got it sorted.
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