I have a big issue with our ADSL bill . We have a 3 MBPS ADSL line  and our limit is 40 GB. In the year 2008 we have not crossed the limit except May . Only in the month of may we received a bill from Etisalat showing an extra data transfer of 224 GB (Dhs 22,000). We have a sonicfirewall in place and the reason what etisalat is saying is someone must have used our password. I have attached the bill received from ISP . Please explain me the possibility to get this reversed and to show our ISP this is wrong from their side.
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knoxzooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let's clarify something first.  Is the download three megabits, or three megabytes?  Typically, when writing about this stuff, a small "b" is used to denote bits, while a capital "B" is used to denote bytes.  There is a huge difference in speed between the two.  3mB is equal to approx. 24mb.

If, as I suspect, you're really meaning 3mbps, then the maximum number of bytes you can pull per second is approx. 300k.  That's the maximum.  You're rarely going to see those speeds.  And, IF I read the numbers right on your statement, they're showing you pulling gigabytes of info in 2-4 minutes.  
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Not sure exactly how your ISP plan is setup but what can happen is that Uploads are also a factor in this. If someone were downloading with torrents this could be the reasoning for the high data flow.
Is this also for hosting your website?  Unless I'm reading those numbers wrong, which is possible without knowing the way that bill's supposed to be read, it's physically impossible for you to have pulled or pushed the amount of info they're claiming, in the recorded periods of time, with a 3mb connection.
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WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
Is there any technical way i can argue with service provider. We are not hosting web site with our ISP.
ADSL 3 MB connection - upload is only 768 Kbps . Download can be 3 MBPS.
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
it is 3 mbps not 3 mB. Please let me know column name  in statement  for download and upload. Also , how will i know how much download during  a time period from this statement. ie how to calculate the duration used.
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot
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