Unknown password for Netgear FVS318

I have a location with approx 50 workstations in 3 departments. The departments are split into different subnetworks, which are all then hooked up to a main router for broadband internet.

The previous tech used for that purpose 4 Netgear FVS318 routers. He is no longer available. The Company called me in to help them make the switch from Time Warner cable broadband to Verizon FIOS.

Except they don't have the passwords for the routers. The networks are a mix of dynamic and static IP workstations, and I don't want to have to reset 4 routers and 47 workstations. How can I avoid that?
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There's no Backup images of the Routers stored anywhere?  I know, think of a sentence involving needles and haystacks.  I believe these files have extension of CFG.


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Did you try the default username of admin and the password is either password or 1234

If these do not work you will probably need to reset to router.
RoninoAuthor Commented:
No loose cfg files... no 1234 passwords...

any other ideas? I'm willing to try unorthodox methods here - worst that can happen is that I have to do all the network setup work anyway.
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