how to close a form in Oracle 8i form application?

I am designing an oracle 8i application using oracle form builder

I design a form "Find Download". When I close this form by clicking the right top close (X), it comes up the empty detail download form. Then I close the detail form to also close the "Find Download" form

But what I want is close the Find Download" Form, that is all, no need to open detail download form.

That is because I put the following in the Find Download form

Next Navigation Block         XX_DOWNLOADS_V
Previous Navigation Block  XX_DOWNLOADS_V

But If I change Previous Navigation Block to null, when I close the form, it open "Export" form.
if  I change Previous Navigation Block to Find_Download block, I cannot close the Find_download form

In my Find Download form, I have a button "Find" with the following code

:parameter.G_query_find := 'TRUE';
:parameter.G_query_find := 'FALSE';

How to fix this problem?

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Can you give more details about how your navigation works ? its a bit ambiguous the way you described it
wasabi3689Author Commented:
I attached 3 photos for you

1. Find_download open
2 click on Close (X) on the coner of the form
3. open download form

I want to close find_download form, just close, no need to pop up download form
wasabi3689Author Commented:
any ideas?
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When you close the current window for Find_Downloads then the forms are searching a navigable block that can set the focus to , that's why you need to specify one programmatic so you can set the focus your self instead of letting forms deciding on that.
One more thing that I need to know , how do you call that window ? I mean is it the main screen when the form starts up ? if not what is the main screen that appears before you call this window , since you need to get to that window again after that screen loses the focus .

Try that now and hope that will solve your problem

Create a trigger on the form level


and place the following code in it
IF :System.Event_Window = 'Window that holds your Find_Downloads' THEN 
  Set_Window_Property('Window that holds your Find_Downloads', VISIBLE, PROPERTY_OFF); 
  Go_Block('Name of any other block you want the focus to be set at');

Open in new window

and by the way , are these separate forms or both screens are in the same form but in different blocks ?
wasabi3689Author Commented:
It still pop up another form when I close it.

it's in the same form but in different blocks

I have





IF :System.Event_Window = 'Find_Downloads' THEN 
  Set_Window_Property('Find_Downloads', VISIBLE, PROPERTY_OFF); 

Open in new window

are you sure that your trigger is firing ? put a message in the trigger to ensure you are firing the trigger when closing the window . and let me know what happens !
The user never got back to us on the status of fixes we suggested ..... !
The user never got back to us on the status of fixes we suggested ..... !
wasabi3689Author Commented:
Hi Dr Billy. I' ve known you are very talented and you saved me in several tickets before. I very appreciated.
This ticket I found a very simple solution -  just move Find_Download block down below control block. Then the problem solved.

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Am glade that you have found a solution , but as the moderator mentioned above always respond to your tickets .

Best of luck.
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