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Dear Friends

I have an Exchange 2003 Server, running on Windows 2003 Server. My DNS server and Domain Controller is a Windows 2000 Server. For the past one week, I am receiving the below error message every 15 mins in my application logs - Microsoft Exchange System Attendant reported an error '0x80072030' when setting DS notification.  The Outlook Users who are connected to this exchange server, when they press send/receive, they get - Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The operation failed. An object could not be found error.

However my mails seem to work fine. All users are able to send and receive all mails. The POP3 users do not get any errors. Your kind help is appreciated.
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Hayes JupeIT DirectorCommented:
This is most likely to do with the generation of your Offline Address book.

Have a look at this artcile - which will help you fix it
jimjosephAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the quick reply. I had seen this article while searching through the net. However after expanding the recipients container and opening the offline address list, the general tab already contains my default address list and is also set as my default. Would rebuilding help? Would my exchange services be down while rebuilding?
exchange services will not be down during rebuild.
once you do a rebuild, check the application logs of the exchange server for any related errors. that would tell you if the rebuild failed or succeded.
you can also check the properties of the mailbox store. there is an option under the general tab wherein you need to specify the offline address book.
if it is already mentioned there then it is fine.
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jimjosephAuthor Commented:
Dear All

I did a rebuild of the Default Offline Address List and also went to the mailbox store and under the general tab reselected the Default offline address book. No Event has been shown in the Error Logs of the server apart from  '0x80072030' mentioned earlier. :-(
do the users still get the error when they click on send/receive in outlook?
as already mentioned earlier, "0x8004010F" this error comes up when outlook client is running in cached mode and is not able to download the offline address book from the server.
is this with all the clients or just some of them?
if it is just some, then change the cached mode to online mode and then check.
jimjosephAuthor Commented:

The error mentioned is for all clients using Outlook and exchange. POP3 users are fine. I have just removed my Outlook from cached mode and restarted Outlook, but the error is still there when I press send/receive. I dunno if this has to do with the '0x80072030' on the exchange server.
outlook running in non cached mode should not give this error because it does not use the OAB
jimjosephAuthor Commented:

I went to Outlook-->Tools--> Email Accounts--> View or change ... ---> and removed the tick on "use cached exchange mode" and re started outlook. However on pressing send/receive I get the error?
Is this the right way to shift form Cached to online mode?
yes, that is the correct process. did you go back and check to see if the checkbox is still unchecked?
does a new outlook profile work?
jimjosephAuthor Commented:

Yes I checked to see if the checkbox was unchecked. I configured the administrator mailbox on another machine and made sure it was online mode only. On sending and receiving this, it was working fine. However, I then added the cached exchange mode and I receive the error message. I once again go and remove the cached mode, but the error remains there?
so the problem is only in cached mode.
can you increase the diagnostic logging to maximum for OAB?
steps are
open the exchange server properties in the ESM and go to diagnostic tab
expand system attendant and then on the right hand side, select OAL generator.
set that to maximum.
then save and clear out the application log on the server and do a rebuild of the OAB again.
check to see if any errors are encountered
jimjosephAuthor Commented:

I did as told and on rebuilding I got the error 9301-  Failed to generate offline Address Book /dc=local/dc=shipping/cn=Configuration/cn=Services/cn=Microsoft Exchange/cn=Machaircargo/cn=Address Lists Container/cn=Offline Address Lists/cn=Default Offline Address List, error 'c0072030'
ok. so that means that the offline address book did not rebuild correctly.
can you also check if you have the relevant OAB folders in ESM under public folders?
you wil have to view the system folders to view the OAB folders.

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