Is it possible to publish an Infopath form to a https: / ssl SharePoint WSS 3.0 Site?

We develop custom InfoPath forms using InfoPath 2003 and they contain C# code. We have successfully been using the same templates over and over again on our intranet. We now need to publish this form to a site using SSL but are getting an 'Unauthorized' error when attempting to publish. We have tried publishing using both the command line publish.exe and the built-in InfoPath publishing but both get us the same result.
The server we are trying to publish to has both a front door (https:) and a backdoor (http:) url we can use to access the site on our internal network. Using the internal url, we can publish. However, this means that anyone who attempts to access those published forms from the https: url fail because it is looking for the template on the internal url. So, we must publish it to the https: address to get it to work - but every attempt results in the same 401 unauthorized error.
So far, we have verified we are all full admins - Site Collection admins on the SharePoint site, Site Owners group, and local admins on the server. I've spent a few hours online searching for answers but so far no leads at all.
Is it even possible to publish to an SSL site? Does Microsoft support this?
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morantugConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was a mix of different issues that all combined to cause our different errors. We eventually were able to get it published using the command line tool and then adding to Trusted Sites made it work.
Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
I beleive it is possible to use Https, I cannot remember though if I have done this.

One thing when publishing is you can set a different url for the client to access vs the one you are publishing with.  You should be able to publish to the http side but specify the path the client will access with and use the https.
This is the same as publishing a form to a network path and then giving a http access path.  The path given is put into the template so that when a document is opened it can find the template.

Not sure what else to try but the experts to consult for this would be at, if you need it.
morantugAuthor Commented:
We've been trying all sorts of different things today but still have the issue that the form wants to open up the file from http: instead of https:
The form template is attempting to redirect itself to a different and
potentially unsafe location.
The form template is accessed through a redirection from a different domain,
which is not allowed because it could cause unsafe code to run on your

If you want to open this form template, copy it to a location within your
security domain.
Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
You should also check your IE security settings and make sure that the site in both http and http is set to local intranet.  This will affect security and access.
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