can i make more than 10 connection concurrent with win xp ftp server

 i have a question

that is it possible that more than 10 connection can be establish at a time to WIN XP    base FTP Server

if yes then please guide me how

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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
No - XP is limited to 10 simultaneous connections. There is no legal way to increase this.  IF you need more you need Server.  Or you could consider Linux which is free, but generally, a LOT more complicated to setup than Windows.
Windows XP Professional limits you to 10 simultaneous connections. At least your not using Windows XP Home which limits you to 5. You will need to use Windows Server for this.
Good luck.
you could try filezilla- free ftp server software, open source and easy to install on win xp.

To change the number of transfer connections in FileZilla...

In the FileZilla menu, click "Edit", then "Settings...".
Select "Transfers"... Then change "Limit for concurrent downloads" to whatever number you want and "Limit for concurrent uploads" to 5 or less.

I don't know how robust it will be for more than 10 concurrent connections because i've never needed that many,  but you can try it.
personally i would setup something like ubuntu 8.04 server- it's also free. download the iso and follow the following instructions to set it up ( if you follow all the instructions you will end up with email, DNS, MysQL, Apache Web Server, PHP on the server)
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Filezilla won't work - the XP TCP/IP stack limits the connections... doesn't matter what you use.
i didn't know that... thanx :)
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