How can I retrieve the missing sent emails

Problem Description :
I recently installed Office 2007 and have just noticed that items in my Outlook "Sent" folder older than a few weeks have vanished. I can only imagine that a rule instructing Outlook to auto delete "Sent" items over X days old must have been inadvertently invoked when installing the new software.

If this is the case can you explain how I can remove/edit this rule?

I managed to recover some of the more recent items here: Items/?cmd=showdeleted but am still missing the vast majority of "Sent" items. Can you advise how I can retrieve them?


 ( Contacted user..
Tried recoverign item from Items/?cmd=showdeleted

All item recoved.
Checked auto archived... Found some email..
But user says he is still missing emails.. )

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andrew_aj1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have AutoArchive turned on and to delete the files after so long. To check this setting go to Tools>Options in Outlook. From here click on the Other tab and then click the AutoArchive button. You can not see if you have the options set to automatically delete or be moved after so long.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
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