End date calculation for a task


In the Gantt chart I am getting what I think is strange behaviour the ways tasks and the black summary bars  are presented. Couldn't find entries in the question history here.
*) If I have a task that takes one day and starts on a Friday with normal Saturday & Sunday as non working time the task appears to end on Monday. This for me is wrong, it should just take up the block space of Friday. When this is presented on the chart is confuses me.
*) Related to my point above is the way tasks are positioned on the chart, sometimes they appear to start in the correct block space for the day other times they apear to start half way in the day and end half way in the end day.

What am I missing here ? I sthis normal behviour or have I got an incorrect config ?
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I would start by taking a look at the task usage view. This will show you all the tasks you have and how many hours are being worked per day and by what resources if you are using them. This could help you zero in on where the tasks may be going astray.

You could also check to see if you have any custom calendars which might be forcing a different work schedule. Go to Tools to Change Working Time and make sure that the standard calendar has the right hours. Also use the dropdown to see if there are are custom calendars which might have  been mistakenly assigned to a task.

Let me know if those ideas yield nothing.
Pardon...let us know if that yields nothing.
adlikonAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply, just so you know I am a beginner to intermediate with this tool. I have set up a project but  have not assigned any resources. If I look at the Task Usage I see the tasks but all hours are set to 0. How is this normally set, am I supposed to go through every task and update this? Re the calendars, the normal working time e is OK and the non working time is set up correctly. In the drop down are the following callendars "24 hours", "Night shift", "Standard Project Calendar" (which appears first and I assume is the default) and a calendar with my name. I did not set any of these up.
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I was thinking it might be a resource schedule problem, but if you dont have any resources then that is probablly not the case. Normally after defining the tasks, you would go in and define the resources that you will use to complete the project and then try to assign those resources to tasks. Then the task usage will fill in like the attached pic.

If you have a calendar with your name that sounds like it could have been custom made. Do the hours for that calendar match those for the Standard Project Calendar?

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adlikonAuthor Commented:

OK, it is to do with times, like making half a day on   a particular day non working time because I took time off. Thanks for putting me on the right track.
adlikonAuthor Commented:
glad to help
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