YES/No Query Criteria

I Have a query.  I have four fields which are yes/no fields.  In the query I want to be asked to enter Y/N as to build the criteria ad-hoc.  So, I put [Enter Y/N] in the criteria and indeed it prompts me, however what do I enter in the box, as Y or N does not work nor 1 or 0 nor T or F?
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slam69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
0 and -1, -1 for a yes
The only values that will work are -1 (True) and 0(False).

Since this is not intuitive(!!) for the user  you have to work around it.

There is an example of how to deal with it here...
PowerhousecomputingAuthor Commented:
Cool - are there any other options or are they the only?  it just seems odd to tell someone to put in -1 for a yes
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if you use the workarounds as detailed above in the KB then you can easily workaround teh issue
Hope my answer helped you to solve your issue.
Folder option setting are per user. Am not sure how to set it for all users.
sorry, wrong post.
You can try something like this: put it in the criteria box:

IIf([Is he/she married (y/n)?]='y';-1;0)
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