disable automatic update through group policy

hi, i m using windows server 2003 r2 environment in my domain .i have one wsus 3.0 server to update my systems. now i want  disable automatic update feature from all my server .my main aim is to update all xp client machine from wsus . and disble automatic update  for all server s.

please tell me how it is possible throiugh group policy . because  i did automatic update seetting for all machine but not able  to did disabl atomaitic update for my all servers  
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aherpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this what you're looking for?

sunwiseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, are you looking to disable windows update on the clients or the server. If its the clients you can disable this by loading up the group policy. Then select Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates, Windows Update. Then from there make sure configure automatic updates is disabled.
You can put your servers into an OU and then apply the above policy to that OU which should then disable the windows update.
I hope that makes sense if you want more info let me know.
RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
thanks for solution.yes this partially right but how can i save my server because i do not want them to be update by wsus .is there any more poliy so i can applied on them .mean disable automatic update feature
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RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
i have configured automatic update for xp on default domain policy and disable it on another policy on server .which one is preffered by system
sunwiseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are meaning you have applied 2 policys?? If so its always the most restrictive policy that gets selected.
RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
i deployed disable automatic update on second one ..can it be applied or overtake bu default domain policy.
Andrej PirmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

if you already setup corectly WSUS update for clients, you probably created some Group Policy object named "WSUS something" and applied it to the ROOT of your domain. This means, this Group Policy is valid for all your SERVERS and CLIENT computers.

What you need to do is to move LINK to this "WSUS something" policy in Group Policy Management console to OU object, where only your Client computers are, so it will be valid only for CLIENT computers.

Then create new Group policy named, for example "WSUS for Servers" and define only one setting:
Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows components/Windows Update -> Configure Automatic Updates -> Configure automatic Updating: Set it to: "3 - Auto download and notify for install"

Then apply this Group Policy link to your "Domain Controllers" OU or to "Servers" OU or to both.

So it will look like this:  
Group Policy Management
 - Forest: domain.local
   - Domains
     - domain.local
       - Default Domain Policy
       - Default Domain Controllers Policy
       + Computers
         - WSUS something
       + Servers
         - WSUS for servers
       + Domain Controllers
         - WSUS for servers

Open in new window

RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
i deployed two policy one as default domain policy where i enabled automatic update . and other one where i disable automatic update on server but when run the gpupdate after that i found that domain policy is appliying over all the server as wall clients
RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
thnaks for Kind support. Now i disbale the automatic update after reding those articles. All articles are up to mark.
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