Best remote host monitoring tool for fedora 6

I need remote host monitoring tool (open source) for my fedora 6 box. I want to monitor the remote host by pinging the IP address of the remote host if the remote host down means the monitoring soft should send mail or sms to the system admin.

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use nagois, its the best to monitor remote host
if will tell you if any service  like apache, mailserver or anything you want to define is down, it will email you.
rajasekarramasamyAuthor Commented:
Is there any documentation for How to install & configure Nagios for ICMP in fedora os?
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rajasekarramasamyAuthor Commented:
In nagios.cfg file where should i enter the host Definition?

I want to monitor ICMP for my test server. My test server IP is

Is there any sample ICMP host definition code?
i have checked in google on this, and i am sure there is a way to check icmp by nagios

i will have to look more , i will come back to you soon

check this one for check_icmp hos definition

and bellow for general host defenition
rajasekarramasamyAuthor Commented:
Where should i enter this code in nagios.cfg or commands.cfg?

efine host{
   host_name            myHost
   alias                My Favorite Host
   parents              myotherhost
   event_handler        ups-reboot
   check_command        check-host-alive
   max_check_attempts   3
   contact_groups       admins
   notication_interval 30
   notication_period   24x7
   notication_options  d,u,r
hi yah
sorry i didnot see your post

i will come back to you tomororrow, just need to check the documentation again
If you want a SIMPLE monitoring tool, which it sounds like you do, check out Big Brother.

Nagios is an excellent monitoring tool, and supports very complex installations.  Big Brother is another excellent monitoring tool, and is better suited to more moderate or basic installations.

If your initial goals is just to monitor ICMP, life will be _much_ easier, to configure Big Brother, and you'll find answers for most questions more readily.  Nagios is really aimed more towards someone who has exceeded the abilities of BigBrother, and is willing to invest substantial amounts of time/effort into making it work right.

Nagios will work, it's just overkill, and Big Brother will take less time/effort.  I've used both.  For simple installs, I use BB.  I start to look at Nagios for 10-15+ host installs with custom services (more than just CPU/disk/ping monitoring, and services like FTP/WWW/SMTP/etc.), or extensive customization requirements (e.g. for complex pager rotation schedules).

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