Uninstall Oracle 8.1.7

I've Oracle 8.1.7 version on Windows 2000 server.
Now I must install Oracle 9i and I'd like to uninstall Oracle 8.1.7 and after install Oracle 9i.

How can I completely uninstall Oracle 8.1.7 correctly?

Thanks in advance!
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Haris DulicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
last time i did uninstall of oracle i did it like this...

first you need to stop all oracle services in control panel \administrative tools\services

then you can use ordinary add/remove programs to uninstall...

Strongly recommend you remove 8.1.7 completely before installing 9i.  Doing the reverse would be very dangerous.  

I have attached the instructions for completely removing 8.1.7, after you backup configuration files and export USER schemas you want to keep.

Word of warning.  The instructions contain Registry edits, so be careful, and deliberate during these steps.

Please post your results.
dcfreyerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I left out one important step.
After you shutdown the database, you must also stop all Oracle related services before running the Oracle Installer.

I apologize for not including this step.
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expert_dbAuthor Commented:
you said "delete Oracle ODBC folder" but I need use Oracle ODBC for my application.
Can I uninstalling Oracle 8.1.7 correctly without remove Oracle ODBC?
Have I any problem when I install oracle 9i if I not remove Oracle ODBC?
When you install 9i the correct Oracle version of ODBC will be installed in a new "Oracle in..." folder under ODBC/ODBC.INI and / or ODBCINST.INI.

Remember to NOT delete the "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle" folder.

Does this answer  your question?
expert_dbAuthor Commented:
I asked:

"Have I any problem when I install oracle 9i if I not remove Oracle ODBC?"
Yes.  The 8.1.7 version of Oracle ODBC is not certifed for use with 9i, and will cause  application issues.  

Remember to install all applicable patches, as I believe several apply to 9i ODBC files.  

What version of 9i are you installing?  9.1 or 9.2?
expert_dbAuthor Commented:
Oracle 9.2 version
All the more reason to let 9.2 install its version of Oracle ODBC.  The 9.2 version is feature rich to respect the new features 9.2 will give you.
Why don't you use Oracle Universal Installer to remove 8.1.7 database version?
The 8.1.7 version of the universal installer falls short on removing all necessary window's objects.  That is why the detailed removal instructions.

As a senior consultant who has been working with Oracle since version 5, I can tell you that for a clean installation of 9.2 without any conflicting OS and Oracle fragments, the steps provided in my attachment allows one to do that.
Having looked through dcfreyer's doc I can only recomend that you follow it. Having done lots on uninstallations of oracle 8 in the past with oracle 9 installations as the next step I learned the hard way that OUI don't do a proper job uninstalling version 8, so one way or another you will sooner or later end up doing some manual clean up, and sooner is to be prefered.....

Any reason for only upgrade to oracle 9 instead of 10 or 11 (just curious)?

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