Unable to update on Windows Vista

We have 10 PCs. 5 are Windows XP and 5 are Windows Vista. Windows Vista do not have any service pack installed on them. All PCs have access to the internet successfully through a proxy server. All PCs has Panda antivirus software installed successfully. The problem that we are having is that on Windows XP, Panda antivirus were activated and updated successfully, however on Windows Vista we were not able to activate the Panda antivirus software or updated with latest virus signatures.
The conclusion is that Windows Vista does have access to the internet through a proxy server, but unable to update Panda antivirus software. Can someone help me with this. Thanks.  
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ZJuanSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you should install SP1 and all the needed updates on the Vista PCs. In addition, it is always great to check for some compartibilities issues.

1) Are you sure that PANDA version you have supports Vista ?

2) Why don't you have VISTA SP1 installed as this may resolve the problem ?

3) Check the PANDA support for similar known issues.

I hope this helps !
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