XP SP3 PC wakes spontaneously (on its own) from hibernation

My PC wakes up on its own following hibernation. Have no idea why. It can happen any time in the first half hour after being hibernated. I thought hibernate meant "turned off"??!! Very frustrating. Any ideas anyone? A clue is that I am connected to the internet via ADSL router, wired. I am running diskeeper defragment on scheduled overnight job, and that is in theory meant to be trying to start during the time when the PC is hibernating. But otherwise, absolutely stuck! Anyway, like I say, as far as I am concerned the PC Is turned OFF when it is hibernating!
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Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
ok sounds like you may have 'wake up on LAN' set or somehing along those lines...

two ways you can check these settings are...
in your BIOS (i think its under power management)


control panel -> power management (my appologies if they end up being the same thing :p)
Hi cprelude,


Your PC has shut down and is not pulling power & your data is saved to your hard disk and not RAM. This makes it a safer, but slower option for shut down and resume. It's great for when you are running out of power and don't want to lose what you're working on. It doesn't mean is "completely Off"!

Like hexemes said, it's PROBABLY a wake on LAN issue. You can go to Network connections, right click your NIC, click on properties and under power management, you can untick the allow this device to bring PC out of sleep.

diskeeper may be set up to start automatically after x amount of time of idle hdd.   There are no scheduled tasks other than diskeeper is there?
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cpreludeAuthor Commented:
Hi all...
I am unfortunately at the office at the moment, so won't be able to post any acceptances to these helpful suggestions till this evening UK time.
Expect some Multiple Acceptances so we may need to divide up the points.
cpreludeAuthor Commented:
Hi all...So far no luck I'm afraid. I have tried all the options in my motherboard settings and there is option to disable or enable "Wake up on LAN"...I have checked the NIC profile in windows and it already has "allow device to wake up PC" unticked. I have checked the the settings in Power Management and there is nothing there about network. I have checked the Diskeeper settings and there is nothing in Options at all regarding the ability to wake the computer from hibernation if scheduled to happen. Then, finally, I just tested hibernation and the computer spontaneously rebooted whilst I was playing the piano. I am just wondering if this is vaguely related to MIDI, as I do have midi cables attached to the soundcard, via my electronic piano. But I'm afraid I can't accept the solutions offered so far, as none of them appear to apply to my situation. But thank you again all three experts, and if you have any other thoughts please let me know. This case remains open I'm afraid.
Hhhhmmm.... Doesn't the event viewer give any info?

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cpreludeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jo...That's a really neat idea. I will check that out tonight. Sorry for delayed reply.
:) Cool, let me know!
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