How to move the BCM 2007 Database to a network drive for all to share

I have installed BCM on my local PC all working fine I have imported and converted my ACT DB into BCM as I cant stand ACT agian all working fine, now I want others to use the BCM so i want to move the BCM DB to a network drive and i want everyone to share the DB.

Please Help
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Daniel WilsonCommented:
Have you watched MS' demo on sharing that data?

If I understand correctly, Business Contact Manager uses a SQL Server (possibly Express) database, so a network drive will not be the basis of that sharing.
stevem200872Author Commented:
No I know this much, but i want to do is move the DB from my PC to a network path.

you see I have a laptop and people share my data and when Im not in the office they cant see the data so i want to put my BCM data on the network drive my question is how do you do this?

Can i just cope the DB across and then select a DB to open and point it there?

Daniel WilsonCommented:
If BCM lets you select a DB ... then I would install SQL Server Express on a network server, restore the DB to that server, then tell BCM to open that DB.

I haven't done this, so I'm out on a limb a little ... but it should work.
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stevem200872Author Commented:
Ill give it a go or i could install outlook on the server install BCm import my DB the share it from the server outlook. hmm Ill try both
stevem200872Author Commented:
My way seem to be nice and easy and it works well thanks for your help though mate

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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
The correct way is just to back it up, then restore it to the other machine as per
Steven, You mentioned you were going to try 2 different methods. Which method worked:
1) Copy the DB to a network path and point your copy of BCM to that path
2) Run Outlook and BCM on the server and mark the DB as shared
Are you having any issues? Can all users hit the DB at the same time?
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