Toshiba, Portege, R100, Install WIN without cd, floppy, etc.


My question refers how to install windows on my Toshiba Portege R100 laptop. I have access to the drive but when insterted to the laptop it gives me a "IDE #0 error" message. Still the drive is working via 1.8 --> 3.5 adapter with a PC. This error message came the first time in the laptop when I copied some WIN files from my PC to the drive in the Windows directory. After that ithe harddrive wasn't seen by the bios of the laptop.

Mainly I'm thinking I have the wrong files on the drive, but I have no clue of what to get, also I'm trying WIN 98 bootfiles to access and i386 from the WINXP via the second partion of the drive but that seems not to be working because of the error message which I guess is its lose someway but I can't get access in there.

Can't find any easy guide on this(boot 98 + winxp files on sec. partion, installation)

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IDE #0 Error really sounds like a hardware detect error.

It can not find your drive so you have an issue with the connector, since the drive works OK in a windows machine.

check all the pins/ connectors, and make sure the orientation is correct, and try again.

I hope this helps !
leffexAuthor Commented:
Yes, the only reason I can see it would be the hdd connector cable that is wrecked. There
s a small part ripped of. Only on it where the pipes goes.

Thanks for your anwser
Solved.. I bought a new laptop of the same model, though I have repairs incoming if I get the drive to work on it.
leffexAuthor Commented:
thanks alot.  I will solve the problem in due time.
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