Crystal Reports 2008 on the intranet


Ideally, I would publish basic reports on our intranet and allow users to interact with parameters and return results.

I have Crystal Reports 2008.
I have Crystal Reports Distributor on the way.
Would I need anything else?

Note, only a couple of us have Crystal Reports installed, I am really hoping even non users can access these reports.

Is what I am after an option?

Thanks all
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Haris DulicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
since your crystal report is conectiong to database, when you save your report file and open it with the viewer it will inherit all options (your username, password, other options) ...

the refresh is based on that if you save your report with undelying data it wont refresh but if you say refresh on open it will ask for any paramater and refresh...

you can download and test it... its free ... ;)
Haris DulicCommented:
the best option when you don not have crystal report on all machines installed is to use crystal report viewer which is (the best) free download.. basically it just can not create reports... but can work with parameters and refresh the reports...

here is the link for more info...
H0P5Author Commented:

Thanks for that. Its usefull. However, via the viewer I am unable to refresh. I was hoping the viewer would be able to refresh, be prompted for a parameter, and then update.

The source data is in a locked SQL database. Only a few of us have access to it. Would any viewer need to be mapped to retrieve from that database? Or do we have other options?
H0P5Author Commented:
Perfect. It works like a charm.
Better yet if it was cheap. How much?! Best still...

Thanks ever so much sir :o)
H0P5Author Commented:
Great advice, thanks a bunch
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