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Dear Experts

In our office we are having a problem with internal email becoming scrambled. The problem happens with both Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. We run a single Exchange 2003 SP2 on a windows 2003 standard server.

I think its to do with auto correct options within outlook. I can recreate the problem by typing - (hyphen) and ' (apostrophe) symbols into a blank email. When I disable auto correct option and send the same email containing these symbols the problem goes away.

I've have tried my best to disable auto correct options on all machines in the office but the problem doesn't go away and I get reports of scrambled text at least 2-3 times per week. The Euro symbols also seems to be a problem,

If I send the same email to an external email address the email comes out fine so I'm fairly sure its a internal formatting issue.

I've attached a two email screen shots for you to look at. "Funny Symbols from sent" is the email from the sent items folder from the offending outlook account. "Funny Symbols from Inbox" is the email when it arrives in any inbox on our system .

Again if I disable the auto correct and autocorrect as you type options within Outlook the problems usually goes always

I really need a permanent fix for this as its starting to become a big problem as you can see.

Can you help?
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mschneikertConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
will do mate
David LeeCommented:
Hi, mschneikert.

It looks like an encoding problem.  Does it also happen when the symbols are used in a sentence as opposed to being alone?  Have you checked to make sure the proper dictionary is chosen?
mschneikertAuthor Commented:
Hi BlueDevilFan - thanks for your post.

Yes it also happens when symbols are used in a sentence too. I guess i'm using the uk dictionary. This would be the same settings as when outlook was installed. I will check though. What should it be set to?

Look forward to your reply.
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David LeeCommented:
Make sure it's set to the English-UK dictionary.  I'd also check the AutoCorrect options to see if any of those symbols have been set to be replaced with something.  Let's check the encoding too.  
mschneikertAuthor Commented:
Hi - If I set the dictionary to UK dictionary nothing changes and I still have the funny text.

If I change to rich text format all is ok . So it seems to be problem when sending in HTML format.

If I receive a HTML email it is also scrambled. If the reply is sent in rich text all is ok.

Ive check internet explorer and outlook are encoded in UFT- 8.
Any ideas?
David LeeCommented:
Check the international encoding options.  I believe it should be set to "Western European (ISO)".
mschneikertAuthor Commented:
The problem was caused by some additional software that added a disclaimer message to outbound emails.

Once this software was upgraded to its latest release. The problem disappeared
David LeeCommented:
Glad you found the problem.  Thanks for sharing the solution.  Since you found the solution yourself you should request that the question be closed and your points refunded.
I had a similar problem and found that the cause, though indirectly, was AVG antivirus.  It was putting a 'Certification' at the end of the outgoing emails.  The problem was that Microsoft's butchered HTML was not recognized as HTML by AVG.  It inserted line wraps and broke the HTML tags when it was inserting the Certification "Checked for Viruses by AVG 8 blah blah blah".  If the email is composed in Plain Text or Rich Text the problem is avoided.  Also, turning off the Certification in AVG resolves the problem.
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