access 2003 database, cannot open in access 2007

how can i access, access 2003 database, in access 2007
it give persmission error
attached error message
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rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did u try to convert this to 2007 format? I believe security is now redundant in that or open the mdb inside 2007. Maybe you need to specify the path of the mdw file then

"msaccess path" "c:\mydb.mdb" /wrkgrp "c:\mydb.mdw"

replace "msaccess path" with the full path of msaccess.exe (2007 version) eg c:\program files\microsoft office\...

replace c:\mydb.mdb with your path c:\documents and settings\administrator etc

and the same with c:\mydb.mdw

Best to create a shortcut to do this

Leon TealePenetration TesterCommented:
silly question but do you have permissions?

maybe the document is locked?

try importing the data rather than opeing it to see if you can actually view the data?
Are you using mdw files?

The folder that the database is on, do you have write permissions to that folder? I see its on the desktop for the administrator. Have you logged in as the administrator?
ammadeyy2020Author Commented:
that folder there is mdw file also
yes im on administrator account, and its on desktop folder,
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