VB.Net 2008: How to use a Custom Resource Provider in .Net windows forms?

I need to localize a windows form application, using an external source, e.g. a database or a text file.
in Asp.Net it's easy using a custom resourceProvider and resourceProviderFactory. But this doesn't work in windows forms. How can I do?
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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hear ya, my friend, but unfortunately ASP.NET uses the resource provider model, and Windows Forms uses the resource manager model, and they aren't exactly the same.


Trying to implement IImplicitResourceProvider
Bob LearnedCommented:
See if this helps:
Walkthrough: Localizing Windows Forms

<Quote>The Visual Studio project system provides considerable support for localizing Windows Forms applications. There are two ways to generate resource files using the Visual Studio development environment:

Have the project system generate the resource files for localizable UI elements such as text and images on the form. The resource files are then built into satellite assemblies. These are known as forms-based resources.

Add a resource file template and then edit the template with the XML Designer. A reason for doing the latter is to make localizable strings that appear in dialog boxes and error messages. You must then write code to access these resources. These are known as project resources.

In general, you should use forms-based resources for all resources specific to a form in your Windows Forms application. You should use project resources for all non-forms-based user interface strings and images, such as error messages. </Quote>
lorenzopuglioliAuthor Commented:
Yes, I know the visual studio localization capabilities in standard scenarios. But I need to localize my project using an access database as a repository for the localized strings, instead of xml files or satellite assemblies. In web applications I can do that, because of the provider-model used.
But, I don't know if this mode is also implemented for windows forms.
lorenzopuglioliAuthor Commented:
Thank you... I hoped that there were a workaround or similar, but it seems that no one knows how to do!
lorenzopuglioliAuthor Commented:
Sorry, by TheLearnedOne did not solve my problem. Why he get the points for the question?
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