Marking Emails as Read Macro

I used to have a rule set up so that I'd read someone else's emails and when I'd finished it would mark them as read again. Does anyone have the coding for such a request?

Example: There are 100 emails unread and 5 new unread emails come in, I read the 5 new ones and when I've finished I run the macro which then marks the 5 unread again.
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Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
this doesnt neeed to be done as a macro...

there is a setting...

are you using outlook 07 or outlook 03?

i think you also need to increase your points mate ;)
agcousgAuthor Commented:
Hi hexemes: Its Outlook 2003. Whats up with my points?
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
just very low :p

doesnt matter...tis not about the points..its about helping people..ok here goes...

go to tools -> options -> other -> reading pane..and uncheck the top 2 boxes
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agcousgAuthor Commented:
But that will do it on my emails also, I only want it to happen on the other persons mailbox that I have access to.
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
ok im creating a macro now..and ill copy and paste you the code
agcousgAuthor Commented:
Good man!!! Thumbs up!
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
a thought just crossed my mind whils im creating this macro for you...which for some reason is proving a proble..not sure why lol..

but why doing you just press CTRL + U

that is the shortcut for mark as unread

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agcousgAuthor Commented:
Mate if it was for me I wouldnt give a monkeys about this but the example given is for one of my (lets say - troublesome) users - groan!!
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
oh sorry mate..ok ill keep working on it
agcousgAuthor Commented:
Hi Hexemes, have you had any luck?
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
sorry...i have no idea why but its being a complete c**k ....

and i have been uber busy since i am at work :p

but if you havent had a solution soon i will continue to look at it tmoz too...
agcousgAuthor Commented:
Okay mate, well any help is appreciated cos i havent got a clue what to do with macro's. Thanks for your time :-)
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