how to change time-out settings for uploads in ISA

When our  users try to upload a file through our new Content Management  Site ( for our website) the upload fails . When I by-pass the proxy  (go out straight through the checkpoint  firewall) the upload works fine.

I have confirmed that isa does not block the traffic nor does the firewall. What happens is the upload times -out when the file is larger than a certain size. e.g a 70KB fails to upload, while a  8KB one uploads succesfully..

I have also noticed that the same thing happens when I upload using another site e.g. hotmail. The difference is that the threshold is different. For example in hotmail a 70KB file uploads successfully while a 120 doesn't.

is there a parameter in ISA i can cofigure to overcome this problem? if yes can you please be as detailed as spossible on how to change it.

Many Thanks
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Stephen MandersonConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
What does the ISA logging say when your conenctions timeout? This doesnt sound like something the web proxy filter would do. In addition to this there are no particular settings you can specify to limit the data per connection. As such I would think the problem would be somewhere else... Do the clients have any additional security software installed?
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