timetable layout in c#

Employee(EmployeeID, etc)

Hi Experts,
I want to show a timetable style information.Top row will have subjects(e.g. sub1,sub2,sub3,etc). with the left colum i will have employee names(e.g. employee1,employee2, etc). All these employees are trained on these courses. I need to add no of hours in each cell for any subject training by an employee. Then i have to add a hyperlink to each cell to drill down for employee. I can get this done using SQL but i cannot reference each cell  or make a hyperlink. For this reason i m thinking of sticking to asp.net to c#
I tried to work it out usind gridview, repeater, datalist, arrays etc but could not work out .Any ideas & exmaples will be highly appreciated.
I am using c# 2005 with sql server.
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Bob LearnedCommented:
I don't understand what you hare looking for, and how I can help you.  Are you looking for a cross-tab?  Are you having problems creating the HTML for the GridView?
mmalik15Author Commented:
I want a layout like this.
      Subject1      Subject2
Employee 1      15      12
Employee 2      13      14
 All employees get trained on different subjects and a record of the training hours is kept along with additional notes of training. I want to create a form where we can see the hours in a timetable like layout as above and hours (e.g. 15,12,13 or 14) should be hyperlinked to another page where detailed notes can be seen for the subject trainig.
The problem is getting this kind of layout. I can use gridview to display  records like below
Subject1      Subject2
15      12
13      14
but how to get employees across on the left hand side. If i use seperate gridview for employees it gets difficult to align employees and hours.  If i use SQL to get this kind of layout then i can not make hours hyperlink to the other page. So how can we use gridview or any other datacontrol to get this kind of layout and then can we make hours a hyperlink ?

Bob LearnedCommented:
Yes, you are talking about a cross-tab.  What is the underlying data source for the GridView (Access, SQL Server, ...)?

SQL Server example:

Cross-Tab reports in SQL Server 2005

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