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 I have a named SQL Server 2005 instance installed on a server, and I got a problem with the client program(s) on the machine that access it (i.e. I can't run Management Studio right now), so any idea on how to start this instance using some isql command (or something like it), because I am sure that the instance is still there and not corrupted. And once I've started the instance, I should be able to access it normally from another machine; any idea how to start it?
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right click my computer and go to manage.  when that opens, open up Services...find MSSQLServer and start it.  you can select properties for the services and set it to autostart when windows starts.
only Administrator of server can start/stop services on it.

If you (user logged on) is in Administrators group of target server, then
you may issue:

sc \\SERVERNAME start MSSQLService

(to exact service name, see Services snap-in)

... when you still have some connection problems, you can switch to TCP/IP protocol with the fixed port at server side.
mte01Author Commented:

Yep; that did the trick; many thanks for your help!
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