MS Access: SUM on Date/Time fields


I have a table as follows:
tblCalls with fields
UserId                  Number
PhoneNumber      Text
CallTime               Date/Time
CallDuration         Date/Time

Call duration is like this:

When I do SUM on CallDuration I get 04.05.11 instead of let's say 28:05:11.

Is there a workaround for this?


SELECT Format(Sum(tblCalls.CallDuration),"Long Time") AS Total
FROM tblCalls
WHERE (((tblCalls.UserId)=1000));

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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
SELECT Int(CallDuration * 24) & ":" & Format((CallDuration * 1440) Mod 60, "00") & ":" & Format((CallDuration * 86400) Mod 3600, "00") AS Total
FROM tblCalls
WHERE (((tblCalls.UserId)=1000));
It's not possible to express times over 23:59:59 in an Acces datetime field.
Hour values in excess 24 hours and more get converted into days.

To display the result as if it were hours:mins:secs you have to build the result by calculating the hours, minutes and seconds and then concatenating them into a string.

If you have a datetime variable total called Mytotal then you can do:

cstr(datevalue(mytotal)*24+hour(mytotal)) & ":" & format(mytotal,"nn:ss")  
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Sorry, typo:

SELECT Int(Sum(CallDuration) * 24) & ":" & Format((Sum(CallDuration) * 1440) Mod 60, "00") & ":" & Format((Sum(CallDuration) * 86400) Mod 3600, "00") AS Total
FROM tblCalls
WHERE (((tblCalls.UserId)=1000));

BTW, I like Peter's suggestion for shortening the expression to become something like this:

SELECT Int(Sum(CallDuration) * 24) & ":" & Format(Sum(CallDuration), "nn:ss") AS Total
FROM tblCalls
WHERE (((tblCalls.UserId)=1000));

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Minor but important corrections:

SELECT Int(Sum(CallDuration)) * 24 + Hour(Sum(CallDuration)) & Format(Sum(CallDuration), ":nn:ss") AS Total

Patrick MatthewsCommented:

Thanks, got a little sloppy there :)


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