Active Directory won't run - Access is denied error on dsa.msc

I have a Windows Server 2003 Standard running AD for my domain but all of a sudden when I try to open the AD console (either by the Active Directory Users and Computers shortcut or the actual C:\Windows\system32\dsa.msc) I get the following error:

Access is denied

I am logged on as the domain administrator account (administrator). If I right click and Run As>Current User and then uncheck Run this program with Restricted Access then it opens fine.
Anyone any ideas???
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IceknightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like the extension .msc isn't associated with mmc.exe

Try re-associateing them by doing the following:

Navigate to a .msc file such as dsa.msc which should be located at "c:\windows\system32\dsa.msc"
Right click and select properties of the .msc file and if you notice that its set to open with "Unknown application" change it  to open with Microsoft Management Console, by clicking  "Change..." (next to "Opens with"), then "Browse..." and navigate to "c:\windows\system32\mmc.exe". Click "Open", hit "OK", and then close the Properties dialog. After that, the .msc applications should work properly.

please tell us what Antivirus are u running...
paidsergreyAuthor Commented:
Brilliant, never would have thought that was going to be the issue - reassociated the .msc file extension with mmc.exe and all now working. Thanks a lot for that help!!

Thank you Million times (Iceknight:)
You have saved me....
It's a very good explanation.

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