Cannot connect to the Citrix Presentation server

Dear Experts,

We have Presentation server 4.5 & Access Getaway, when users access WI from internet the can logo successfully However when they lunch the app. they are giving this error "Cannot connect to the Citrix Presentation server. There is no Citrix Presentation server configured on the specified address."

When I try that through internet from our network it is working.

I have opened all ports on our firewall & DMX to presentation server
i Saved this file (launch.ica) and open it with notepad.  Inside the file there is line that says:
Address= (which is PS Local IP) - i believe because the Access Methods for the default DMZ setting selected as Direct.

Anyone have idea how to resolve this issue ?


Sipchem ITAsked:
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Sipchem ITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you all

It has been resolve by doing the flowing :
1) change the defult DMZ setting to Getway Direct instade of Direct
     Access Getway Administration --> Web Interface --> Mansge Secure Clinte Access -->Edite DMZ setting
2) Resolve the Access Getway License issoue by downloade license log and then submet..

Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hodgeyohnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the web interface has to be configured to use secure gateway.
this is under secure client access.  the method has to be secure gateway, then on the secure gateway page you
have to setup the secure gateway settings.
Sipchem ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks all
I have tried as what you said but nothing new
Since it was working before perfect before reinstall the IIS I guess the problem from the licensing server
Because when I try to login License Management Console, I am getting "The page cannot be found" and also when I lunch the Access Getaway Admin Tools I getting "no getting a response from licensing server. Grace... "
If we can resolve this point it might be better

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