Gridview in website- Accessdatasource => Cannot use query builder, get error message shown

On my webpage I can drag a gridview object onto the page, and I have to also pull down an AccessDataSource which will bind the gridview to my Access Database assigning the query string and the query and other perameters.

The problem is

(1) If I try to 'configure data source' I cannot browse for my database, all that is shown is the folders within the project (App_Code, App_Data and Bin), which is strange, because I think I remember being able to Browse previously. So, I have to type in the folder and drive by hand. (Although I just read someone else mentioning this somewhere and said that they don't think the browse feature is fully implemented...)

(2) So, that seems ok, but then when I choose 'next' I get to the place where I have to define the query. So, I try to click on the 'query builder' button to bring up the query builder, and I get the error message 'Object reference not set to an instance of the object'.

So, something strange is going on. While the page will run fine, and gas long as the queries are correct the tables will be updated properly, I can't use visual studio functions properly since it doesn't seem to be finding the database? Not sure what is going on here... any help?

Thanks, Aiden
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Visual Studio expects to have the database within the solution. Right on the project and add the App_Data folder. Then import the database file into this folder and everything should work fine.
AidenAAuthor Commented:
But I mean, that can't be the case surely? I imagine that there are plenty of applications where the database is not going to be contained within the project?

In fact, everything works fine, I can actually implement everything with the database being held outside of the project. But the problem is that I can't use the querybuilder. So, I imported the file to the project just to see if the querybuilder works, and it is the same problem again.

I came across someone else who seemed to have the exact same problem and that person said:

"I tried everything under the sun to fix this issue. Nothing worked. For an unrelated reason, I upgraded by hard disk and manually installed all of my software (as opposed to transferring the data/applications) in hopes that if something was corrupt; it would not be copied over. That did the trick. I downloaded Visual Web Developer and it now works. I am assuming files and/or settings were either corrupted or incorrectly set. "

So, this is what I've been kind of thinking myself since I seem to be getting all sorts of funny errors the last few weeks. An error in vs came up previously even that suggested that there might be some corrupt memory on the computer. So, the computer is getting rebult tomorrow, hopefully that might help

Thanks Aiden
AidenAAuthor Commented:
Yes, that has fixed the problem. Basically just got a new computer and reinstalled everything. Querybuilder comes up now. Think there might have been some faulty memory or somthing like that.

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