Internal Tape drive not recognized by Windows server 2003

I recently replaced an trevan external SCSI tape library for an internal SCSI LTO2 half-height drive.  This new drive is recognized in the bios scsi selector (with all defaults), it is also seen when running tapeinst.exe to install the symantec device drivers.  It can also be seen in device manager as a normal functioning device(after installing symantec drivers).  

The problem is that neither ntbackup, or symantec backup exec can use this device.   Ntbackup still wants to use my 4mm trevan, and symantec just sees nothing altogether.   When I go to libraries in removable storage within system management, it is marked as enabled, but has a red X through the device.  

I also have a "SCSI Explorer" tool provided by my adaptec 19160 SCSI controller.  This program is able to see the tape drive, and perform basic lock, unlock, and eject functions with no issues.

Any ideas?
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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Have you deleted the Trevan from BUE and then run the Device configuration wizard.
Area-51Author Commented:
Yes.  Originally when trying to install the drive with tapeinst.exe, i would see two SCSI device instaces, one for the certance and another for the trevan.  After removing the trevan from device manager (had to check the show hidden devices, then remove), the symantec install saw only one, certance, scsi device.

Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
This new device, is it a tape library or just a tape drive?
If so, do you have the Microsoft drivers installed for it?

Can you confirm that you have the Removable Storage Service disabled as it BUE needs it to be disabled so that it can take control of the device.
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Area-51Author Commented:
This is just a tape drive, and the symantec driver version is installed for it.

The removable storage service was running (must be a remnant of my troubleshooting attempts) .  It is set to manual, so I stopped the service, then stopped and started the backup exec services.

No luck....
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Can you check your hardware is compatible in the HCL:

And make a cup of tea and run through this:

How to troubleshoot issues with a Robotic Library or Tape Drive in Backup Exec for Windows Servers.
Area-51Author Commented:
Just wanted to update this thread:

I installed the latest drivers from Certance and NT Backup is now able to use this tape drive.  Symantec still refuses to recognize the tape drive, even after following the second troubleshooting link.

I was unable to verify the drive was in the HCL because i could not find a working link to that list.  However, I have deployed this exact drive model numerous times without hassle with symantec, so I am pretty certain that this is a system specific issue.


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