Solid State Drive Performance worse than regular old platter spinning drives?

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I've imaged the old HD in Panasonic(CF-W5 with 1.5GB memory) to TS32GSSD25-M 32GB SSD with success.  Replaced it and performance seems better under windows GUI but is actually worse in Outlook performance.  Thinking virtual memory may being the problem, it is turned off completely.  Negative performance outlook still persisted, so I installed eboostr and used 1GB as cache using the built-in SD Card Reader; it seems to have made no difference.  I've read all articles with great positive review except under write mode... what could be causing it?  are there special drivers that need be installed? ???
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This is a known issue with Outlook and SSD's.   Microsoft is aware of it; but does not have any resolution.   Unfortunately there's no fix -- you should either install Outlook to a "real" hard drive (not really an option on a laptop with only one hard drive) or use a different e-mail client [Thunderbird, for example, doesn't have the performance issue].


Thank you.  That information helps me relieve the pain.  :)

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