Additional Block of IP's from ISP - CISCO ASA 5510

Hi All,

We currently have a subnet assigned to us from our ISP.

Subnet:       /28
Default route is:

We have asked for more IP's and they have said they have routed the following subnet to us:

Subnet: /27

Couple of questions:

On our ASA 5510 - how do it up to listen for these extra IP's?
Will these new IP's still use the default gateway of the current IP's?

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As long as your ISP is routing the new subnet to you, you don't need to do anything but configure the static NAT statements and access-list entries for the new IP addresses.  You don't need to bind the IP addresses to an interface and yes, the current default route on the ASA will be used to route traffic from this subnet to your ISP.
chouckhamAuthor Commented:
That easy???

Just so that I can give you these easy points :-) ...could you explain what they have done to route these IP's to me?

Yes, it is that easy.  Most likely your ISP is simply static routing the new subnet to your current ASA, i.e. in Cisco lingo:

ip route <your ASA outside interface IP address>

They would then need to redistribute that static route into whatever routing protocol they are running.  Most of the headache is with the setup with your ISP, i.e. they don't properly route the subnet to you.
Are you all set with this question or do you need further assistance?
chouckhamAuthor Commented:
Thanks! - great information!
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