How do I insert Access 2007 query result into a Word 2007 table?

I am not making form letters or lables.  I want to insert a table of data into Word from Access.

Is there anyway without using ADO or complex VBA to insert the results of an Access 2007 query into a Word doc?  Can you make a link in a Word doc to the Access file including the name of a query in the Access file? This does not have to be a live link (allowing editing in Word to affect the Access file), but I do need to be able to get fresh data from Access into Word when I want to make sure it's up to date in Word.

I have been told to use the Mail Merge Directory option, but what optons do I pick ith the Data Connection Wizard?  What's the difference between using the Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider & the Microsoft Office 12.0 Access DAtabase Engine OLE DB Provider? If I use the Microsoft Office 12.0 Access DAtabase Engine OLE DB Provider, how do I specify my Data Source?  

(I don't want to use Access to make the doc & export it to Word because people I work do not use Access & they need to be able to edit the text in this Word doc.)
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See this article which has the steps and answers to a lot of your questions:

As for the Jet 4.0 and OLE DB, the Jet 4.0 works well with out of office programs, such as CRM or other non MS offering. I would just use the MS Office 12 Database Engine for your situation as it has a lot of features to support the full funcationality of the 2007 Suite.

But in reality, all you are trying to do is get the data from Access to Word, so that non-Access users can see/view/edit this data as they need. For this type of operation, all you are really doing is pulling the data, thus I would go through the help article above and which ever way works, then that is all you need. The main reason to go with different database drivers is if you are doing VBA programing, using a non-MS office program, etc, so in reality, they will all work for you!

Hope this helps,
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