Postmaster and Abuse problem.

When we run a DNS report at, we get the following errors that we want to fix:

"FAIL          Acceptance of postmaster address      ERROR: One or more of your mailservers does not accept mail to Mailservers are required (RFC822 6.3, RFC1123 5.2.7, and RFC2821 4.5.1) to accept mail to postmaster.'s postmaster response:<br /> >>> RCPT TO:<><br /> <<< 554 Transaction Failed Unsigned DSN for [spoofed?] message not originating here. <br />"


"WARN      Acceptance of abuse address      WARNING: One or more of your mailservers does not accept mail to Mailservers are expected by RFC2142 to accept mail to abuse.'s abuse response:<br /> >>> RCPT TO:<><br /> <<< 503 Command sequence error: rcptto <br /> "

Both Postmaster and Abuse are setup and receiving emails. What are we missing?  
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Please check domain mx records, maybe you have secondary MX server which incorrectly responds to queries.

When you will know all you mx records, then telnet to each one:

telnet 25

Check the same on another mx (if it exists). After each telnet command you should receive 250 some_extra_text, >250 means you have some temporary or permanent error.
cbentsenAuthor Commented:
OK, I did the telnet test to abuse and it went through.  We only have the one MX record pointing to our exchange server. Abuse and postmaster can get mail, but the reports at say that we don't accept mail at either address.
Please check your email server logs, maybe you are using some spam fighting techniques (like SPF) and it blocks dnsstuff checks. Repeat the test and watch the logs and why it is rejecting/accepting, or maybe it is simply bogus message from dnsstuff...

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