Superimposed text on IE7 / page text appearing over existing text in Iframe

I have built a site where content is loaded into an iframe. (

Everything is OK in other browsers but intermittently, in Explorer 7, when clicking a new link to load new content into the iframe, the old content sometimes remains, so you have 2 or more pages of text superimposed over each other.

It makes the text illegible and looks very strange.  This seems very straightforward and should work - I mean, elementary browsing (click link, it appears) and I've never seen this before.

is this a bug in IE7? or is there something I can do to eliminate this?

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I just went to your site and sure enough on IE it does look a bit messed up.  I would suggest getting away from using frames alltogether.  You could maybe use some sort of AJAX scripting to make your page change when going to different links.
A simple solution would be to create like a loading page which would clear the iframe out and then redirect them to the actual iframe location.  Have the redirection page just be a white page and just have it sit on that page for like 1 second and redirect them to the real page...  You can use the attached code to accomplish it...
I hope this helps.

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1;url=actualpage.html">

Open in new window

Dionysus--FWIW.  Strangely, perhaps, the page looks fine on my IE7 browser--both English and French versions.  Just possibly some IE Security setting is messing things up for some viewers.
DionysusAuthor Commented:
Since I'm using iframes now, I'd like to not change my tactics this late in the game.

I'll give the blank-page-redirect a shot and see what happens.

Not sure why IE is doing this.  It seems very basic HTML to load a page into a frame - so why it should do this, I'm not sure.

What type of security setting could do something like this?  I am not a big fan nor an expert on IE thus I'm asking this question :)

I'll try the redirect page, but if some strange thing in IE is doing this, there's no reason it won't do it again even using a redirect page.

I'll see what happens.
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DionysusAuthor Commented:
I've tried it .. now to check it.
DionysusAuthor Commented:
Actually... it's more than just the links... there is something really wrong with Explorer.. even scrolling down makes the text overlap.

Does anyone know why Explorer is doing this?

This is very shoddy behaviour if it just "is".
DionysusAuthor Commented:
Here is a screen shot - this is just wrong.
DionysusAuthor Commented:
OK..  well thanks for your comments, guys..

I am wondering if it has to do with the <div> at the top of the page.. however..  If I have to, I'm going to just revent to dumping the page in a table and see if that has the same effect.
DionysusAuthor Commented:
I figured the answer.. it was very stupid..  I did not specify a page background apart from  an image behind the top of the frame.  Therefore, the rest was transparent.

However, I've never seen this happen in all my years - and it only happened with explorer.

Anyway.. thanks for your help.

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