Autodetect language in Word kills Autocorrect in Outlook

For a US English user putting Auto-correct entries into a US English auto-correct dictionary, the auto-detect language function of word or whatever switches the language and then the users auto-correct shortcuts no longer work since its using a different language.

We have tried to turn off auto-detection of language in word and it just doesn't work.  No matter what we try, the language will always change based on the email being replied to.  Unfortionetly every time this happens the user looses their auto-correct functions and ends up making alot of typos since they expect auto-correct to be functioning.

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RobinHumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set defaults and turn off auto-detect through office group policy
download these here:
import the outlook and word templates into a policy (not your group policy) and set the changes in there.
hope this helps
recruititAuthor Commented:
Great, Thanks!  Learned something as well ^-^
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