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Hi all,

We have an IBM iSeries machine model 520, with 6 G Ram and a total of 480 G Hard drives memory. We plan to implement JDE on this machine. What are the requirement for JDE to run acceptable on a IBM machine? Can our machine support the challenge, we plan to upgrade the memory and add more hard drives?

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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
System requirements vary depending on a lot of factors, but key factors include the number of users and number of transactions.  For example, if you have 20 users, and use the system to process 200 order per day, you won't need nearly the capacity that you need to support 2,000 users processing 20,000 orders.

In the sales process, JDE will ask all of the system sizing questions, and give you capacity requirements - you really need to work with them to come up with system requirements.

- Gary Patterson

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se_1581Author Commented:
Sorry, I forgot to give the number of users and orders. An average it will be 50 users and 200 orders a day. I just need a third party opinion, we are doing the sizing document and they will come up with 2 solutiosn, one is to upgrade the existing system, the other to buy a new one. But comments like "the architecture of your Iseries cannot provide a platform for the new JDE", made me look around for some other opinions.



Four elements seem potentially questionable.

First, please provide info on your current processor. With a newer processor feature, the probability of irritating slower response times would decrease. Response times might be fine even with lower capability processor options, but it's hard to tell.

Second, I'd expect that almost all recommendations will include adding 2GB memory to come up to 8GB total. I don't personally believe it's necessary, but most sites will not implement work management configurations that efficiently utilize 6GB. Adding the memory is a way to reduce reliance on performance technical support.

Third, what types of drives? 35GB? 70GB? IMO, you have sufficient capacity. However, the number of drives/arms may be more important depending on types of workload. And again, work management configuration would have significant impact.

Finally, is JDE going to be "the" use of this system? That is, what secondary and/or alternative applications or functions will be done? Is there any big intention of using networked file serving from the IFS? Will there be heavy printing to network printers? Will there be significant green-screen apps in use? Ad hoc query?

If such a system were handed to me to configure and administer, I wouldn't be especially concerned over JDE on a 6GB, 480GB, 520 for 50 users at 200 orders per day. I expect that Gary could make it decently usable as well.

But I also expect that this system will have a relatively basic support staff with application experience and minimal system experience. As such, attention would go towards more and faster hardware.

You seem right near acceptable levels as things are. Possibly just a couple hardware adjustments will bring you into standard IBM recommendations for JDE at your level.

Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:
Hi Stelian,

"the architecture of your Iseries cannot provide a platform for the new JDE",
This is NOT true, fact is that some JDE suppliers prefer an other platform for several reasons:
- Not enough inhouse knowledge to support
- to less work to get it up and running
- more profit on other servers
- not IBM preferred supplier
- big bonus systems from other server suppliers

One of our sister companies, switched to an other platform on 01-01-2008, because the "Salesperson " told them it was better faster and more stable... now 11 month later they have 3 servers instead of 1, 1 balance server to balance the workload and some response times on inquiries of over 30-40 seconds.

"better faster and more stable"  lol who believes a salesperson. :)

Ask the JDE supplier to make a calculation for the AS/400 and ad 10% to that.... (because he is probably a salesperson)

Good luck and wisdom,
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