Possible to pass IPSec through a NAT device

We have an Cisco 1841 router with an external ip of 142.176.xxx.xxx.
Internally all our guests are given an IP via the 1841's built in DHCP server in the range.
A client wants to use a VPN with IPSec with an authenitcation header. Is it not possible because the 1841 is setup as a NAT device?
My understanding is the nat device (1841) changes the header info and because of this change the receiving VPN server discards the packet because it's been altered. Is this correct? Is there any way around it?
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There is no way around your issue, using AH is impossible with NAT. The solution would be to use ESP with IPsec instead.
NAT does not support VPN with IPsec.

I had the encounter once, the only solution I had was to tell the guest to use a dial up connection.

Not idea, but it was a work around.
Hope that helps!
Using IPsec with ESP will work with NAT, even multiple NAT's, since the payload is what the security checksum is run against, not the headers. The checksum is the same regardless of the IP addresses involved when using ESP, that is a notably different than AH, and the primary reason that AH can't work with NAT.

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huntleyjAuthor Commented:
That is what I thought. just wanted confirmation.
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