PHP and Internet Explorer - foreach loop making duplicate entrys

Hi there,

Having problems with IE inserting duplicate entrys into a database from an array of checkboxes in the $_POST header. It only happens on IE and not Firefox and I am completely stumped as to why? Can any shed any light on this?
if($_POST['query']=="add" && count($_POST['rep']) >= 1){
  foreach($_POST['rep'] as $value){
    $insert = "INSERT INTO DOCSLINKS (LINK_ID, DOC_ID, ORDER_ID) VALUES (LINK_ID_SEQ.nextval, '$value' ,'$am')";
    $statement = oci_parse($connect,$insert);

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well first take a look at the array

$my_array = $_POST['rep'];
print_r ($my_array);

you might have to see if the checkbox is 'ON'

foreach($_POST['rep'] as $value=>$state)
  if ($state=='ON') ...

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wellsoAuthor Commented:
i have print_r the array, each check box holds a primary key value (doc_id) that I am adding to the database. print_r shows only 1 entry per ticked checkbox but the loop inserts 2 records in IE but works fine in Firefox,
try adding an

echo $insert ."<br />\n";

in the loop, see if it's issuing the insert twice. post results here.
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wellsoAuthor Commented:

It only seems to go round the loop once but inserts two records, it puzzles me how it only happens in IE
wellsoAuthor Commented:

Found out the problem, turns out Javascript was submitting the form twice. I have various buttons on the form to perform different functions which trigger onclick events in JavaScript, one of which is submit(); the input type was still set to submit on the offending button leading to dual submissions of the form, I presume Firefox must have catched this and only submitted once, good job I am not designing an eccommerce credit card submission system hehe. Thanks for the help all the same.
wellsoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, got it sorted in the end : pesky JavaScript handling in IE :)
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