Citrix and roaming profiles/access to shared drives

Hello Experts

We are looking into using Citrix as a way users can access resources if stuck at home for whatever reason.

So far, the only users for Citrix have been on the network accessing published apps. We have drive remapping so that they can see their client drives via their Citrix session.

However, I'm curious to know how this would work -outside- the network. Is there anyway they can access their Home drive (for instance) if using an HTTPS connection to the Web Interface server?

Secondly, I have heard about Terminal Services roaming profiles. Am I correct in thinking that this means that profile information is stored on a central server so that it stays with users, whichever Citrix server they use? Will this only affect users who utilise a published desktop?

Many tia
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hodgeyohnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i believe they are by default.  look at the policies around printing.  i recommend making settings specificaly.
if you publish a Desktop for the users their logon scripts should run, and map drives such as home drives etc.
yes roaming profiles are intended such that regardless of which CPS the user logs into they get the same desktop, outlook profile, my documents etc.
we have customers that use citrix for telecommuters and do all thier work via citrix.
please let me know if you have more questions.

both published apps and published desktop will work.  both would run a login script and allow you to see client-side drives, network drives, etc...  

and yes it will work through the https web interface.
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bruce_77Author Commented:
Ok, thanks guys, so to get this right in my head ;)

Say a user is working from home...

a) To access Outlook, I would publish Outlook as an app
b) For them to use Word, Excel etc - and open files on their mapped drives (i.e. drives that are mapped when they log into their normal work machine) - I would get them to use Published desktop

Or is it recommended to have Outlook as part of the published desktop, since it's part of MS Office after all!

Can I set a policy/setting so that any printer that their client machine is connected to at home will come up on their Ctx session too?
bruce_77Author Commented:
Sorry, just to add - a Published Desktop "application" along with roaming profiles would give the most functionality? Am I correct?

Would the roaming profiles be set on a PS4.5 server, or a dedicated file server?
you can go either way.  publish the desktop, and then users can run multiple applications accessing drives, printers etc.
or publish applications individually.  there are two benfits to publishing applications rather than a desktop.
1.  streamline access.  if all i want is my email then i launch outlook.
2.  it also keeps users from playing in areas they should not be on the server.  if you publish a desktop it is advised that you put some time into locking down the system.

either way users can access drives, printers etc.
yes you are correct.  a desktop give the most functionallity.
i am a fan of roaming profiles on a file server not the CPS.
i also delete cached copies of roaming profiles thru the gpos.
bruce_77Author Commented:
Thanks, just one final question I promise :)

Are local printers automatically mapped, or is there a setting I need to change?
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