Switching from text to graphics Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.2

Dear Experts,

I just installed Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.2 on my new server and it went straight into text mode after the installation. I'm not too good with text commands so I need to find a way to go into graphic mode. I've been able to login with root and password, but past that I haven't been able to do much. I've tried Ctrl + Alt F1, F2 and F7 but no luck. Also tried xwindow and start w but it doesn't recognise any of the commands i`m giving it.

What can I do to go to graphic mode?

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if you run

who -r

what it shows?

it should be alt+F3 or alt+F2
Julian ParkerSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
You would need to be at run level 5, if you're not login as root and type;
   init 5

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pardeliAuthor Commented:
Thanks jools. That was exactly what I was looking for: init 5

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by default system should boot to level 5. what was the out put of

who -r
pardeliAuthor Commented:
The output of who -r was 'system level' 3 and the date and time
check /etc/inittab file and see what is the default run level

grep default /etc/inittab

it should be 5
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