best way to handle daylight savings time impact on synchronization in Dreamweaver?

does anyone have a good way to handle daylight savings time changes without getting a bunch of synchronization errors? eg. see the attached screenshot of the error message I get with any file I "put".  I've read the Adobe tech note but neither of their "solutions" really solves anything.  What I really want is a blanket method of shifting all the time stamps by 1 hour.  In the past I've re-uploaded entire sites just to get the sync info to match again, but with 10's of gigabytes of files that gets to be pretty unwieldy, plus it creates new timestamps on the server that no longer reflect the actual file creation date.   I keep thinking there must be a smarter way to do this....   I did try last year using "Beyond Compare" to "touch" all the time stamps on the server by one hour, so maybe I'll try that again, but first I wanted to check here to see if there is a better way...
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:

LOL.  Finally, someone who shares my pain!

>> What I really want is a blanket method of shifting all the time stamps by 1 hour.

You and everyone else.  Both of your suggestions will work (using BC to touch the files or complete up/down synch) but neither is all that simple or easy.  Personally, I have bandwidth to spare and a team of three people plus Contribute users modifying the server files, so I take this twice yearly opportunity to completely download the remote site to the local server and make complete backups.

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yessirnosirAuthor Commented:
looks like there is no miracle cure for this one, but thanks Jason for your input.  Not a bad idea about taking the "opportunity" to back up everything.
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