exchange 2007 Active sync ssl error

I have an exchange 2007 sp1 server. I installed an ssl certificate provided by godaddy. When I try to connect my wm6.1 phone through ssl. I get the error 80072f17. I have exported and installed the ssl certificate onto my phone.

Any ideas?
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ParanormasticConnect With a Mentor Cryptographic EngineerCommented:
You probably need to get their cross signed root under the Valicert chain.  For this you would need to disable the standard root and install the other flavor, which can be downloaded from their repository - look for the cross cert.  In their instructions, they would also have a link to the same in a bundle format.

Try following their installation instructions from here:

The actual cert repository for their root and intermediate certs is here:
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
A couple things to check:
1) Your cert has expired - I'm guessing you just got this, so probably not the issue...
2) You don't have the godaddy root certificate in your wm6.1 devices - grab the root certificate chain from godaddy's website (they may have included it or a link to it in the email that they sent for the cert)
3) If you are using a wildcard certificate, don't - instead use a UCC certificate so you can register your various site/domain names for OWA in one certificate (e.g.,,, owa, etc.)
every1isevil2Author Commented:
1... ur right, I just got the cert.
2. i checked and the phone has the class2 godaddy root cert.
3. I'm using a ucc cert with,, (for owa), and one for 'server'
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