Reporting on systems needing firmware and support paqs

We are using SIM 5.1 to push support paqs and firmware to our servers. I was looking for a report that would list our servers and what firmware/drivers that need updating. I looked under Reports and tried to create custom report but none of the options seem to be what I needed. I could create a report showing the version of firmware a system had but it doesn't seem to compare it to the latest version in the repository. This seems like I should be able to do this within SIM but I just can't find anything
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Could create a baseline or update one server and compare against.
Have a look under software and software Firmware Baseline.

Is there more than one model of server.
dwaskiAuthor Commented:
Yes, there are several models of server along with several different components even with the same server model. For example, we changed the array controllers on some of the servers from the built-in to a Smart Array 6400.

I'll take a look at the baseline and see what it does for me
Have look under help in SIM (For HP SIM) search for version control should find Version Control - HP Version Control Reports
dwaskiAuthor Commented:
I read a post on the internet somewhere that said that the report doesn't exist. HP didn't build such a report in because of the design philosophy of giving you only what you need when you need it. You can drill down into each server and get a screen showing you what needs updating as well as looking at the main page listing all the servers and see which ones are out of date but no detail till you drill down.

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