Black terminal screen for RDP session

I have a client's system that gives a black screen when trying to RDP into the SBS2003 server.  You can walk up to the console and access with no issue.  The problem will go away for a period of time when you reboot the server.  I've looked through the event logs and cannot find any issue that would appear related.  

I would appreciate a suggestion on how to resolve this issue.


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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
on the server and client try the following
1. Start > Run > Regedit {enter}
2. Navigate to HKLM \ System \ Current Control Set \ Services \ TCPIP\ Parameters
3. In the right hand pane, Right Click > New > DWORD
4. Call it EnablePMTUBHDetect set its hex value to 1
5. Reboot
jtcomstockAuthor Commented:
And what does this do?  
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
disables auto MTU detection
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jtcomstockAuthor Commented:
Is MTU size the issue?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Black screen via RDP cured by a reboot  -thats where my money would be
Hi there, did this cure your problem itcomstock?
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