Linux internet connection

hi I ahve linux installed now, but my nest problem is getting the internet up and connected to suse.#

here are some of my details,

I have my IP, Subnet mask, default gateway, preferred DNs server, alternate dns server.  notations.
My connection works fine in windows but how do i get it up and running in linux, nad will getting it going in linux compromise it working in windows?

I have a broadband connection - a reciever on my roof with a radio like piece in between my reciever and computer.
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WizRd-LinuxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Setting up the network in Linux will not have any effect on Windows at all, both operating systems are completely independant of each other.  Unless you are talking about two different physical nodes, in which case the IP address will have to be different for both of them.

Once you have setup this information try /etc/init.d/network(ing) restart.  the ing part is because I can't remember if it is network or networking in init.d for networking.

Suse has some fantastic Gui based configuration tools which would likely help you out.

Alternatively, check out : for configuration using Yast if you don't have the Gui setup.
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