Outlook Auto-Signature settings will not work in Citrix Published Application.

We have 4 Citrix Presentation servers configured to use the Citrix Secure Gateway with roaming profiles enabled.  When users launch Outlook 2003 and create an auto-signature and select it for either New Message or Replies/Forwards, the next time they login it will no longer be selected (the signature however will still be selected).  This problem does not occur within Terminal Server or from a Citrix Virtual Desktop.

Additionally both Windows and Office 2003 are completely patched and up to date.
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aehrenthalAuthor Commented:
After drillling further into this issue I discovered that the PRF file that was being imported each time Outlook was this flag set "OverwriteExistingService=Yes".  By switching this to No the problem was resolved.  If other experience this issue be sure to update Office to SP2 or highter, check the shadow keys and confirm this entry is correct in the PRF file.
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