URGENT -- Simple question about Crystal Reports XI and DataSets...

I'm modifying a Crystal Report by adding ONE field.  I updated the SPROC to return this new field i.e. added 'Select oldfield1, oldfield2,...,oldFieldN, NEWFIELD from MYTABLE'.  Now I need to add the new field to the report.  In the ReportViewer, I'm then creating an instance of a crystal report document 'Private report As New CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument'.  I also build a dataset ds, get some data from the SPROC that I've added the new field to and then set the dataset ds as the datasource of the report with 'report.SetDataSource(ds)'.


1) Shouldn't CrystalReports XI Release 2 automatically show the new field after I use: DataBase/Verify Database menu items?  Then when I refresh, I should see new field so that I can Drag and Drop it to the report?

2) Or Do I have to unlink the dataset somehow and then relink it to the report?  

3) Basically, how do i get CR XI R2 to show the new field so I can drag and drop it on report?
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silemoneAuthor Commented:
Found answer...

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It would be helpful if when you closed this that you had added the solution.

I assume you figured out what the VERIFY DATABASE is used for in the DATABASE menu.

silemoneAuthor Commented:
ok...the solution:

After I updated the DataSet in Microsoft VS2005 (I added extra field by choosing Code of the .xsd file and added the field manually where it lined up positionally where it was in the select statement), I then opened the report in CR XI R2 where I was having the problems (just added someone needs to update the .xsd dataset as I did since I didn't have a TableAdapter for the tables in my DataSet).

In Crystal Reports XI R2 --

1) I right-clicked on the Table that needed updating in 'Datebase Fields' located in Field Explorer...(if its not open, it can shown by View-->Field Explorer)
2) Next I chose menu Item: Set Datasource Location.
3) Next under 'Current Data Source' scrollable textbox that shows current connection, I expanded the Datasource object node, expanded the Properties node, and highlighted FilePath...righ clicked, and chose edit...there I just removed the rpt.xsd file and was given a browse window to refind the file.  So i refound the file, then pressed ok.
4) After closing out of the mini dialog, I right-clicked 'DataBase Fields' again, and chose refresh...and my new field was displayed.

Now i can just drag and drop the new field on the report...

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silemoneAuthor Commented:
so basically I had to disconnect the Datasource from the report and reattach it in order to see the changes (the new field) that I added to the SPROC...
Did you try the VERIFY DATABASE.  That is the purpose is to force the disconnect then reconnect. without actually doing it.

silemoneAuthor Commented:
yes i did, but nothing happened with Verify Database...I thought that was the initial way to go also, but either there was a glitch in my CR R2 or I need a service patch...

Remember in my post, my first question goes:

1) Shouldn't CrystalReports XI Release 2 automatically show the new field after I use: DataBase/Verify Database menu items?  Then when I refresh, I should see new field so that I can Drag and Drop it to the report?

I asked that because I tried it, but it didn't work...so my only way to solve was through the steps I previously stated...any thoughts?

Sorry missed it in the original post.  Since it was already resolved, I skimmed the questiion.

Don't know why the Verify didn't work.  It works in my CR XI R2.

silemoneAuthor Commented:
cool...well thanks anyway and appreciate the time...
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